Summer Skincare

I’ve been enjoying the weather lately in London – A typical English Summer.

Appreciating the sunny days and rainy ones equally; yet for some reason now that lockdown rules are easing I feel less inclined to go into the city – still, I get to relish nature from my garden.

Whether I’m spending time indoors or out – I always apply sunscreen. I’m currently using the Zelens Daily Defence – one I always go back to; I love how moisturising it is and the glowy finish it gives.

I’ll be using the SkinCeuticals NEW Brightening UV Defence next – it has an SPF of 50 and contains niacinamide and Tranexamic Acid to tackle discolouration; which will be great for the peak of summer.

I also enjoy using mists this time of year – currently using Skin & Tonic London’s Rose mist. Glass bottle – this has a great mister, which delivers such a fine even spray and has a lovely sweet rose scent. This mist also contains glycerin and aloe juice powder for extra hydration.

Another hydrating summer ingredient is HYALURONIC ACID. Last year I wrote a post on HA, saying it wasn’t worth splurging on and budget buys were best. Since then I’ve tried quite a few Hyaluronic products and had mixed feelings on their efficacy. Though I’m still not ultimately convinced it’s essential or worth investing in; the few I’ve tried recently have impressed me and helped with summer glow.

Typology Paris has a fab hyaluronic serum; it’s a gel formula which quickly absorbs into the skin and sits well under sunscreen and makeup. Though I thought I wouldn’t like the sticky texture of this serum, I ended up really enjoying it and felt it helped trap moisture to my skin. I’ve now introduced Verso Skincare’s Hydration serum which has a much more fluid texture – it’s lightweight and with the addition of niacinamide, I’m hoping it’ll will help keep my skin balanced and clear with continued use. The Verso serum also contains oat extracts and ceramics to help with inflammation and repairing skin barrier.

Lastly, one of my favourite things do use in summer especially are face masks!

At present I’m using quite a few:

Neal’s Yard Remedies – Antioxidant Facial Mask: contains Damask rose, maple extract and pink clay to gentle exfoliate, clarify, soothe and hydrate the skin – I’ve been really enjoying this one as it’s not a typical drying clay mask and has a lush floral scent.

Susie Mermaid – Radiance Firming Mask: contains spirulina, kaolin clay and lactic acid. This creamy mask tingles a bit upon application then swiftly absorbs into the skin leaving no apparent trace. I leave on for 3 to 5mins before washing off. This is a fab option for weekly use.

Verso Skincare – Deep Hydration Mask: This replenishing hydrogel mask is a great after sun treat. It contains sodium hyaluronate, grapefruit extract, ceramides and their artificial moisturising factor. Loving it for a weekly moisture boost.

I’ll soon be opening the Osea Malibu White algae Mask – an old fav! and Algenist’s Prebiotic Balancing Mask.

What are your Summer Skincare essentials?

Thanks for reading xxx

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