Winter Skin Saviours

With the cold and stormy weather in the UK at the moment, it’s doubly important to protect and take care of your skin. I try and stick to a routine that focuses on antioxidants and SPF in the A.M. A vitamin C or antioxidant serum or cream will help protect the skin against free radicals and pollution and also boost the protection provided by wearing sunscreen. In the evenings I find it’s important to properly cleanse to remove the sunscreen and particulates from the day, as well as makeup. The focus in the P.M is then on restoring the skin and replenishing it.

Here’s a run-through of my Winter Saviours – products I’ve been loving for this time of year!

Gentle and Nourishing Cleansers:

As skin can be a bit drier in winter it’s important to not use anything that will excessively strip the skin of its natural moisture. I always use a gentle cleanser – like the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser – it feels conditioning and non-stripping and contains beneficial ceramides as well as some hyaluronic acid; this can be massaged into the face for a fairly long period and skin isn’t left feeling dry. I’m also enjoying the Albiva nourishing cleanser and the Wildsmith Skin nourishing balm cleanser – the Wildsmith one I use just in the evenings as it’s great at removing dirt and sunscreen – it leaves the skin soft and supple.


As I’ve mentioned previously – it’s not great to over-exfoliate the skin – you can damage and compromise the skin; that said exfoliating in winter can be very beneficial when done right! I still use my BHA exfoliant from Paula’s Choice to combat breakouts and texture on my skin and I’ve recently been testing out an exfoliating toner from Pestle & Mortar. It’s a glycolic toner (6.8%) and as it’s an AHA, it should help to remove dead skin and aid in revealing a brighter complexion. I’m yet to see if this product works for me – and along with BHA, I’ve only been exfoliating 3 times a week. Exfoliation is great in winter to keep pores clear and brighten the skin in time for spring/summer. Just don’t overdo it because winter skin is already dry and acids can dry it out even more!

Lips and Eyes:

The lip and eye area are just as important as the rest of the face. I’ve been using the Zelens lip oil treatment for a while; it contains 9 different plant oils as well as some peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin A – not your average lip oil! I’ve been enjoying this product for hydrating my lips and I find it’s a convenient product for on the go too. For the eye area, I’ve been using Wildsmith Skin’s Active super eye serum – It’s lightweight, absorbs well into the skin and I haven’t experienced any irritation since I do have quite sensitive eyes which are prone to dermatitis.

Hand cream:

I’m guilty of forgetting to use hand cream on a daily, but I do make sure to carry one in my handbag when I’m out and about. I’m currently using Elemental Herbology’s Hand Nutrition – it’s an intensive hand and nail repair cream which contains Lumiskin which has lightening properties as well as nourishing ingredients like keratin and apricot butter to tackle dehydration.


All year round!

If you like, use a sunscreen with a lower SPF i.e. SPF 30 in winter and SPF 50 (+) from spring through till autumn. I’m using sunscreen from Korean brand Purito. My favourite sunscreen is Zelens Daily Defence SPF 30. UV isn’t as high of course in winter but sunscreen will help with issues like hyperpigmentation and is a must if using a retinoid and/or exfoliating acids.


Body Oil – Especially if the dry weather is affecting the skin on your body; an oil can help lock in moisture and nourish the skin. I’m loving the Elemental Herbology bath and body oils like their Wood Rejuvenation oil. Also massaging with oil can aid in circulation which is definitely important in winter.

Soothing Skin Saviours – I love that I’ve found products that will swiftly help with a case of irritation I may experience. The Zelens Power D drops is one of those products for me. It’s soothing/calming benefits have been great for when my skin freaks out or needs a break from active ingredients. I also recently picked up their Z Recovery balm which I heard might be good for calming compromised skin and aiding in its repair.

Ceramides – Speaking of skin repair; ceramides are also meant to be a great ingredient for restoring and protecting the skin barrier. As well as the CeraVe Hydrating cleanser, I also use their Facial Moisturising Lotion which contains 3 essential ceramides plus niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. It’s lightweight – which I appreciate because I’m not really into heavy creams.

Facial Massage – Winter weather can also make the skin appear dull and lacklustre; practises like facial massage can be good for revitalising the skin. I use an electronic facial massage device to help reduce puffiness and fluid retention – when blood is circulating properly, oxygen flows to the face making it appear more supple and bright. I’m also testing out a radio frequency device – the Sensilift uses radio frequency as well as massage to help stimulate collagen and firm the skin.

Supplements – Lastly, it’s important to note that diet and nutrition are fundamental for skin health especially in winter! This time of year can bring on flu and maybe lax decisions when it comes to the what we eat, drink and the amount too. Supplements can be great for boosting the areas in your diet which aren’t ‘perfect’. I’ve been taking supplements from VITL health – they offer personalised vitamins and a cool, convenient subscription service. Quality supplements free from unnecessary additives.

Try VITL health’s subscription service for FREE! with my 2-week trial below – follow the consultation link.


Thanks for reading.

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