New Year’s resolutions

Now the year is rolling to an end; the new decade on our doorstep, and with it, the goal of starting 2020 off on the right foot.

Whether you want to set resolutions or intentions for the New Year; it’s always a good idea to reflect and see what you’ve learnt and can rightly change moving forward.

2019 has been a year full of new experiences as well as some challenges for me. I’ve loved my skin journey; discovering new and innovative brands, making every day a pamper session, learning about the science of skin health.

With all that in mind, here are my Skin Resolutions for 2020:

Stick to it!

Having tried quite a few skincare products and regimens over the past months, I’ve seen what suits me, what works – what doesn’t. I now know that it’s best to stick it out and be patient with my skin. Skin renewal is a process that takes time and achieving healthier and more ideal skin isn’t a linear journey. I’m learning not to be put off by ‘bad skin days’ / breakouts and impatience with a product. I’ve learnt that it’s better to have those ‘bad skin days’ and deal with them appropriately than to freak out and potentially damage my skin, in an attempt to fix it ASAP.

Cleansing right!

The cleansing step is my fav in a skincare regimen and I love testing out new cleansers every so often. I think compared to other products in a routine, cleansers are fine to switch up, whereas treatment products are not ones you wanna give up on so quickly. With all the new cleansers I’ve been trialling, I’m enjoying how they haven’t been like the soapy cleansers I used throughout my teen years; which left my skin stripped and compromised.

Here are my recommendations for cleansers:

A quick overview;

ALBIVA NOURISHING CLEANSER – Raspberry water based, gel cleanser that doesn’t dry out the skin at all. Great for a deep clean and can be massaged into the skin for over a minute without the formula disappearing/drying up.

BALANCE ME PURE SKIN FACE WASH – Love the silky gel texture. It feels very comforting on the skin and again doesn’t strip the skin of moisture when washed off.

CERAVE HYDRATING CLEANSER – This has a creamy feel/formulation. I used this as a morning cleanse and first cleanse at night. Comforting, non-foaming, affordable.

HADA LABO FOAMING FACE WASH – My only recommendation for a cleanser that has foam. Unlike other water-based cleansers that do produce bubbles or foam this cleanser from Hada Labo feels almost hydrating; it’s sulphate free and contains humectants.

WILDSMITH SKIN NOURISHING CLEANSING BALM – Feels luxe and after massaged in and removed, the skin is left feeling soft and supple.

PAI LIGHT WORK CLEANSING OIL – With CO2 extracted rosehip oil, this oil cleanser is a fav because it removes makeup and particulates, feels great on the skin, the packaging is ideal and it emulsifies well so you don’t necessarily need to use a cloth with it.

This year I got into double cleansing and it’s been great. I’ll typically use an oil or cream cleanser first to remove makeup and/or sunscreen then a water-based cleanser to clean the skin.

Don’t over exfoliate!

Once I discovered Paula’s Choice and her 2% BHA LIQUID I fell in love with it. It truly was the product I was missing to help tackle breakouts and clogged pores. I loved getting that smooth, glassy skin when I used this product for several days in a row but now I know exfoliating more than 3 times a week isn’t necessary. Similar to using the wrong cleanser; over-exfoliating can damage and compromise the skin. You may experience irritations and skin sensitivities if you overdo it. So even though exfoliating is great and can make your skin feel and look good, it’s important to be mindful.

Something NEW!

As a skincare enthusiast, I’m always keen to try new and exciting products. That said; I don’t want to switch up my routine too often, introduce new products too soon or buy products that I don’t ‘need’. My routine is currently – Cleanse, Treat, Moisturise – Mornings, I cleanse then use a serum or treatment product, then finish up with SPF. Evenings, I double cleanse then again use serums and finish with a lightweight moisturiser, though sometimes I don’t and just layer serums. So in terms of treatment or active serums, I’m currently using a retinol serum – for skin resurfacing, an exfoliator – the BHA Liquid and a Vitamin C booster – for an antioxidant boost. ( intermittently, I also use a hyaluronic acid serum and prescription azelaic acid) This may sound like an already hefty routine to some but… I am indeed curious about incorporating a NEW product type to my regimen.

Copper Peptide – I’ve been intrigued about this skincare ingredient but have been holding out on trialling it. Copper peptide is meant to be great for collagen production, helping with elasticity and skin plumpness. Despite not having major age-related skin concerns myself, I know once I hit 25 in February my skin’s natural production of collagen is gonna slow down. So you may just see me introducing a copper peptide product into my routine very soon 😉

To summarise; I’m gonna Stick it out! Cleanse right! Be mindful! – New Year? New Skincare! why not 🙂

Thanks for reading.


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