Organic Beauty

As it’s Organic September I thought I’d talk a bit about nutrition as well as Organic Beauty. The practice of organic farming specifically involves avoiding certain agrochemicals to produce a sustainable amount of food without over farming and depleting the quality of the soil. With the use of natural fertilisers, the soil can maintain a higher nutritional quality so the food produced will be healthier and less damage comes to the environment.

In Europe one of the certifying bodies like the Soil Association must consider whether a product is Organic or not, meaning every stage must be certified not just the growth. This includes transportation, storage and production so as a consumer you can be confident that a bag of organic produce hasn’t been mixed with something non-organic or GM while being packed and transported.

The benefits of eating Organic include, considerably better-tasting food due to the abundance of nutrients and less artificial ingredients. Food from healthy soil is known to have higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and essential fats. Organic farming is better for the environment because it doesn’t pollute the land with pesticides and herbicides that stay on the food after harvest.

Now when it comes to beauty products and their Organic classification; the ingredients again have to be farmed without the use of herbicides, synthetic fertilisers and those that are Soil Association Organic go through even more thorough checks. You can check out the Social Association’s diligent standards here.

A couple of my fav Organic brands are Pai and Neals Yard Remedies; and some other notable brands include Skin + Tonic, Fushi, Inlight Beauty and UpCircle.

Organic products have a rep for being slightly more expensive but there are quite a few Organic beauty brands that are quite affordable these days; like Garnier’s new Organic range.

When it comes to food, Organic produce bought in season can be cheaper, fresher and is better for the environment. Shopping and eating seasonally is great for giving your body what it needs for the time of year in terms of nutrition.

As of now, apples and pears are coming into season, as well as vegetables like squash, pumpkin, kale and potatoes.

In summary, I think we shouldn’t have to compromise on looking and feeling good! but small things like buying some Organic produce and beauty products is a positive step in the right direction. I personally don’t eat 100% Organic and the majority of my beauty products are not certified Organic, but I appreciate having a knowledge base about these things that I can always refer back to. The majority of my purchases are vegan and consider sustainability; which I discussed in a previous post.

What are your thoughts on Organic?

Thanks for reading.

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