Facial Oils. Essential?

I’ve been using facial oils for years now after discovering how great they can be at moisturising and hydrating the skin. Changes in weather can often affect the skin making it more reactive and sensitive to pollutants and dryer air. Now that we’re entering Autumn; cooler weather means closing windows and turning on the heating. Time spent Indoors can protect your skin from the cold air and the wind, however, indoor heating can also dry out your skin.

So in Autumn/ Winter face oils definitely appear in my skincare routine. I have combo/oily skin yet I noticed with the use of oils my skin did balance itself out and produce less excess oil.

Different oils can work great for different skin types; here are my thoughts on some of the oils I’ve tried:

Rosehip Oil

Good at moisturising and hydrating the skin, helpful for hyperpigmentation and aids in protecting the skin from environmental damage. The one I’d recommend is Pai ‘s Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil – I tried this back in 2015 I believe, when most other brands were raving about cold pressing oils, Pai stood out because their oil was C02 extracted – a process which retains more nutrients. I found the oil very silky on the skin, absorbing well and I absolutely loved its bold orange hue and herbaceous scent. This Rosehip oil, unlike most others, uses the fruit and seed of the plant. I noticed it has made a difference to my skin quality and tone; It definitely helped fade dark spots/post-acne marks I had. It’s good to bear in mind that it has a shelf life of 6 months, so it’s ideal to use consistently upon opening. I’d appreciate it if they had a smaller size; though you can get in 10ml as part of their NEW Sensitive Skin Toolkit. I 100% recommend this particular oil.

Throwback to Pai’s Limited Edition Rosehip Oil – 2015

An Oil Cocktail

Using a facial oil with a combination of beneficial oils is a great way to balance the skin while and target specific skin concerns. I’m a huge fan of Osea Malibu’s Essential Corrective Complex – It contains jojoba, sesame, tea tree, juniper. This blemish treatment product is in the form of a 10ml roller ball applicator which is cool and convenient. My first purchase of the oil was alongside the ‘acne relief essentials‘ set, which came with a cleanser, face mask and face balm. The scent is very aromatic which I appreciate especially in my evening routine. I noticed after a week of use, existing pimples did shrink and consistent use gave me much smoother, clearer skin. I purchased so many of these thereafter, though now I reserve the use of this for colder/dryer seasons only.

I’m currently testing out Banish Acne Scars Vitamin C oil/serum and Elemental Herbology’s Water Soothe Facial Oil. The Water Soothe smells lovely (like chamomile tea) and absorbs so well! I really am enjoying it. It contains Chamomile, Rose Damask, Rosehip oil – it feels hydrating and soothing; great for this time of year.

The Banish oil is technically their Vit C serum, which kinda leads back to my initial question; are Facial Oils essential?

Oils and serums are similar in what they can potentially do; they both contain concentrated ingredients that target skin concerns like pigmentation, dehydration, blemishes. The difference between them is their molecule size; oils molecules tend to be larger so they don’t penetrate the skin as deeply as a serum. This makes them better at moisturising the skin – so begs the question; Do you need oils if you already use a serum and moisturiser? I’d say you absolutely don’t, especially in summer! but, oils are great for late autumn and wintertime to really lock in moisture.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading.

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