My Growing Love of Skincare

I’ve been a skincare enthusiast for quite a while and my initial interest came about from wanting to get rid my pimples/acne. My acne isn’t very severe but my skin fluctuations did dampen my confidence to the same extent it might have if my skin condition was indeed more severe. I’ve spent years scrutinising my skin; so experimenting with skincare became a passion.

Intially, my passion was for ‘Clean Skincare’; when I was transitioning to a vegan lifestyle back in 2014/2015, I became aware the effects of certain foods, their nutrient benefits and their effect on our organs and health . So, as the body’s largest organ, skin wasn’t one I was going to take for granted. I researched the vegan skincare brands available to me, but not just the vegan ones; the ones considered to be ‘clean’. I used this app called Think Dirty to check out product ratings, which are on a scale of 0-10; 10 representing the ‘Dirty’ ingredients – ones that could be a potential irritant and 0 represents the ‘clean’; non-irritating/’safe’ ingredients. The main downside to this app I found was, a lot of products/brands weren’t listed on their database.

Some brands I was obsessed with back when I was for all Clean Skincare included Osea Malibu, Pai Skincare and 100 Percent Pure. Osea to me was/is a fresh sophisticated brand with a spa-like skin loving range of products. They are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, petroleum-free and free from synthetic colours and fragrances. I’ve been using their products since 2015 and I still really admire the brand. Pai Skincare is an organic london-based company made for people with sensitive skin. Pai has a range of innovative products like their beloved Rosehip Oil, which was the first product of theirs I really liked. It was how I stumbled upon the brand actually; their Rosehip was proclaimed as the best and most potent Rosehip oil in an article I read, due to that fact that theirs is CO2 extracted as opposed to cold-pressed like others on the market. I did see results with this oil; this was my go-to product for post-acne scarring/hyperpigmentaion. The brand also have great customer service which makes purchasing from them a pleasure. 100% Pure is a health focused cosmetics company, that even has a fruit pigmented makeup line. My most favoured product of theirs was the caffeine eye cream; this was really helpful for puffy eyes.

Skincare for me has been quite an investment and as much as I would like to not bother about my skin, it’s easier said than done. Along with self-scrutiny; as someone with blemished skin, I’ve received judgement and contempt from others. The beauty industry does exploit consumers for sure; those who aspire to a certain level of perfection in beauty – which includes having clear, youthful skin. I do think the ideal is quite unattainable but being comfortable in your skin is certainly achievable.

I am now at the point where I don’t use clean, vegan skincare exclusively; I branched out to find brands and products which would either be more efficacious and/or more accessible in the long run. Plus, with my growing love of skincare, the act of trying new products has landed me; without intent, on this journey of self-care – My passion for the skincare ritual has and should continue to help me manage my skin and boost self-confidence.

Thanks for reading.

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