SPF for Sensitive Skin types


I’ve been testing out Pai’s Hello Sunshine sunscreen for just over a month now; so here are my thoughts on the product.

.° . ˚ · * ☆. ˚ . · °. ·. 

I was keen to get this product because I’m a fan of the brand!; they make products for people with sensitive skin. Despite not having the most sensitive skin, I do indeed have reactive skin, so products with little to no irritants do appeal to me.

I’ve mentioned before, that I’m not a mineral/physical sunscreen fan because they more often than not leave me with a noticeable white cast, but I thought I’d give Pai a try!

Here’s what I’ve found to be the pros and cons of this mineral SPF.


It’s a non-irritating sunscreen ✅ – happily found no issues with the formula and interactions with other products.

Compared to other mineral SPF’s I’ve tried, this has a little more slip making it a marginally easier to apply ✅ (still since this is a physical SPF, it does take some time to rub in compared to a chemical one)

It’s not greasy; for me this was both a pro and con. ✅❌ This does feel non-greasy which is nice on oilier days, but most days this felt a lil too mattifying. Despite having oily/combo skin, I do lean towards more visibly hydrating sunscreens/products.


On their site, it says this sunscreen “leaves a completely transparent finish” 

which might of been updated as it previously stated the formula was non-whitening and didn’t need a tint.

This sunscreen does not have a transparent or non-whitening finish in my experience. ❌

*On my hand

On me, the formula applies white-ish, looks a lil purple, then sheers out with rubbing. On darker skin-tones this would show up, like a purple-ish tinge / making you look dry/ashy.

Here I’ve compared the Balance Me SPF 25 Moisturiser (right) to the Pai Hello Sunshine SPF 30 (left) ; both have been rubbed in for a good minute. Aside from the photos, in person the Hello Sunshine SPF is less white but still noticeable.

.° . ˚ · * ☆. ˚ . · °. ·. 

Here you can kinda see; the Hello Sunshine SPF does cling to facial hair even when rubbed in thoroughly..(thorough rub in not pictured here*)
We often don’t see darker skin tones showcased in skincare and in particular suncare! which in my opinion, furthers the myth that darker skinned people don’t require sun protection!

Pai recommend apply two-fingertips of this product to cover the face, but I’ve found with reapplication, the fuss/time involved to again rub this in so it sheers out, is a lil extra. 

.° . ˚ · * ☆. ˚ . · °. ·. 


Though I only had 1 con really, it weighs out the pros for ME. With a product like sunscreen that you apply every day! You have to actually like the product first and foremost; if it’s not something you like the feel of, then your not gonna use it regularly.

Thanks for reading.

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