It’s Vit C day!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the Vitamin C products I’ve tried and tested over the years. As I mentioned in my previous post Vitamin C is antioxidant which can protect and brighten the skin. The skin brightening benefits of the ingredient are certainly what made me jump on the Vit C wagon and splurge on a bunch of ‘Radiance Boosting’, ‘Glow Inducing’ products.

Some of Vit C products I’ve used over the years include, Osea Malibu’s Brightening Serum – I found this product was really effective at helping getting rid of dark spots/ acne marks; the lightweight formula contains algae, mushroom, ferulic acid and ascorbic acid (Vit C). I did, however, find the product would lose efficacy over time, like about a two-thirds of the way down the bottle – which might have been due to the stability of their Vit C.

Another Vit C product I’ve tried is the super affordable Vitamin C Suspension 23% from The Ordinary. It’s a water-free product with 23% L-Ascorbic Acid powder, and because of this, it has a grainy texture; it is the strongest Vit C I’ve used. I definitely saw a brightening effect when using this product and the tingling sensation that the product causes was quite mild for me. Though I probably wouldn’t repurchase this product anytime soon because of an experience I had which put me off it. I used this product at night and the next morning was a very bright and sunny day – my mistake was to NOT WEAR SUNSCREEN which my skin thanked me for the next day. I recall waking up with slightly burnt, very irritated skin. It’s immensely important to wear sunscreen when using a Vitamin C and any strong/active/potent products, in fact, it’s a daily must. I will say, what I took away from that experience was that a product which has the ‘strongest’ / ‘highest’ concentration of an ingredient is not necessarily tantamount to it being the best, for everyone and it’s important to treat your skin with care. A gentle and stable formulation is your best bet, particularly if you don’t have serious skin concerns.

Some more recent purchases include Rodial’s Vit C Brightening Mask and their Energising sheet mask. I’ve been loving using these products as I was really surprised at the effect they have on my skin when I use them. I honestly bought them on a whim, so didn’t really look to closely at the ingredients until later on. The Brightening Mask is a gel formula with 5% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (Vit C), glycolic and lactic acid to resurface and promote a more even skin tone; it certainly does that. The Vit C sheet mask is great, it contains hyaluronic acid and green tea, for extra hydration and an added antioxidant boost. I like that it’s a bio-cellulose mask because they tend to feel more hydrating and luxurious. I also really like their Pink Diamond Instant Lifting sheet mask; it contains Vitamin C from grapefruit, so I find it’s also quite brightening. Rodial has some great options if you’re after a brightening and hydrating add-ons to your skincare regimen.

I also decided to test out Omorovicza’s Daily vitamin C when it was released earlier this year. It’s a milky serum with Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate; a stable Vit C, zinc, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. As I haven’t used this consistently I can’t comment on the efficacy of this product but do find the pump on the packaging works well and the ingredients seem promising, so may have to find a way get it into my routine or possibly give it to my mum or sis to test.

Finally, new addition and current daily Vit C in my routine, Zelens Power C High Potency Treatment Drops. The formula uses 20% Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, which is an ester, unlike L-Ascorbic acid, it doesn’t exfoliate or irritate the skin. The stable formula means it doesn’t go rancid when exposed to light and air. Like their other two treatment drops, I’m loving how lightweight this product is and it smells great. I’ve been applying this after toning and I apply sunscreen after. I’m really keen on the brand at the moment so do expect good things from this product; will let you know my verdict/thoughts after some months of consistent use.

Well guys, to some up – Vitamin C is a good ingredient to apply topically for its skin firming, brightening and antioxidant benefits. I was often wary about using it daily because I thought it would cause sun sensitivity, but under sunscreen it can actually boost the effects of an SPF, particularly when the Vit C formulation has Vitamin E, to decrease risk of inflammation.

Thanks for reading.

The internet is so saturated with misinformation, hype and really persuasive advertising, which makes it tricky to navigate and know what to trust and what to ignore. With anything, it’s always best to do your own research and know what is it exactly that you’re putting on your skin.

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